Avery Alexandra was born on October 14, 2009. She has had many health issues to battle in her short life and this blog is for our family and friends to stay updated on her progress. We also want to document this process for other families to view who may be going through the same experience. We thank you all for your continued love & support..♥♥

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pediatrician & Physical Therapist

We had a regular check-up today. Avery is having difficulty turning her head to the left, so we were referred to a Physical Therapist. They do not believe this has anything to do with the Craniosynostosis or the Tumors at this time. With some exercises, she should be able to turn her head properly.

We scheduled the MRI for January 4, 2009, at which time we should know if the tumors are growing or not.


  1. I'm a friend of Avi's. He sent me the link to your blog. You have such a beautiful family. I will be praying for you. As a new mom of an 8 month old, I couldn't even imagine what you're going through.

  2. Hi! I followed your link from babycenter. I cannot believe what you have gone through already. You are so strong, and such a great mother! I just want you to know how special your family is. As a mother of an 11 week old, I could not imagine myself in that position. But keep strong and have faith. I know brain tumors can be very scary, but stay positive. I myself had a pituitary tumor which thankfully was determined benign and has since shrunk. It was a terrible year, though. It's so hard to not know, to not have a diagnosis. I will be praying for you and your family.

  3. Your LO has a beautiful smile and she looks so happy. Stay strong and keep pushing the doctors to do what is best for your baby. God bless you and your family.