Avery Alexandra was born on October 14, 2009. She has had many health issues to battle in her short life and this blog is for our family and friends to stay updated on her progress. We also want to document this process for other families to view who may be going through the same experience. We thank you all for your continued love & support..♥♥

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some SVT and Day #2 Update

Yesterday afternoon, Avery had a run of SVT. The Cardiologist was paged and he thinks that was due to the fact that she threw up her morning dose of meds. They gave her some Propranolol every 6 hours to try to control it and it seems to be working. If she has any more runs of SVT, we will have to move to Intensive Care - which we really don't want to do. Last night she woke multiple times in the night being uncomfortable and for the nurses to do a million things to her - blood draws, give her medicine and fix all her chords. She has a drainage tube in her head, a catheter for urine (which was removed this morning), 5 heart monitoring cords, and 2 IVs. She is on Tylenol with Codeine, Morphine (as needed), Zantac, an anti-swelling med, Flecainide, and Propranolol. She isn't eating much, but is drinking well. She doesn't seem to be in too much pain, just uncomfortable at times. The swelling isn't too bad, and will likely peak tomorrow. She keeps saying she wants to go home. Just now she sat up and wanted to color. So happy to see her playing again. Looking forward to seeing her dimples again.

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  1. SOOO nice to see those beautiful eyes again!!
    She looks great! Keep it up Avery!!
    Elizabeth, Arturo, & Nikkolous (Angel #296)
    Soto De Trevizo