Avery Alexandra was born on October 14, 2009. She has had many health issues to battle in her short life and this blog is for our family and friends to stay updated on her progress. We also want to document this process for other families to view who may be going through the same experience. We thank you all for your continued love & support..♥♥

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hypoglycemia and Surgery Postponment

When Avery woke up this morning, it was obvious that she was hypoglycemic again. She didn't eat much yesterday and woke up numerous times in the night crying. When we got her up in the morning, she wouldn't stand in her crib and was lethargic, zoning out and wouldn't move. This was the exact type of behavior she had the last time she was hypoglycemic (in Dec). We gave her juice, which helped. We brought her to the pediatrician and by the time we got there she ate a little more and her blood sugars were stabilized. The Pediatrician advised that she shouldn't have her Cranio surgery on Tuesday until they can figure out what is causing her to become hypoglycemic. Avery will have numerous blood tests and urine tests done on Monday and the results will take about a week. In the meantime, we need to ensure she is eating often and we will be checking her glucose level at home. If she becomes hypoglycemic again, or isn't eating well, we will need to bring her to the ER for IVs. We are bummed we have to postpone her surgery, but we don't want to take any chances and ensure she is in optimal health beforehand. She will also meet with Cardiology on Monday to get another EKG.

*The picture above is from a photo shoot and video shoot we took at Rady Children's Hospital on Wednesday. They have asked her to be one of the four Honorary Patients at the Shamu & You Family Walk on October 6. She certainly has earned it.


  1. Poor Avery! :( I'm so sorry. She does deserve to be an honorary patient!

  2. Thinking of you guys, let us know if there is anything we can do =)