Avery Alexandra was born on October 14, 2009. She has had many health issues to battle in her short life and this blog is for our family and friends to stay updated on her progress. We also want to document this process for other families to view who may be going through the same experience. We thank you all for your continued love & support..♥♥

Thursday, March 25, 2010

MRI Results

Our Craniofacial Plastic Surgeon's nurse, Julie, called us last night. Apparently, the mass in her orbit is no longer considered a mass, which is a good thing. However, they don't really have a label for it. The ocular surgeon will still need to determine what to do with it during her craniosynostosis surgery.


  1. That sounds like good news. I'm sorry they don't have all the answers right away for you. I hope they do soon so they can fix everything during surgery. Thinking of you all!

  2. I wish there was something I could do to contribute for your family or these other children. It breaks my heart that there is a need for children's hospitals! For now, I'll hope that medicine is enough and comes even farther faster than ever before! Good luck with your family, you are a strong mother!

  3. Sheila,
    My name is Carie and my husband Eugene and I sat next to you and your husband at Ben and Jen's wedding last August in Santa Barbara. We've been following your family's journey and thinking good thoughts and well wishes for your little Avery. She is so beautiful! And what a great big brother she has!! I'd love to send something for your stash for the other kids at the hospital. Can I have your address? My email is carieferreira@yahoo.com. I'm sorry if it is posted somewhere here and I am missing it. Best wishes on Avery's upcoming surgery. She seems like a strong little gal and will be back to smiling and her cheery self pronto I'm sure!
    Carie McGrane