Avery Alexandra was born on October 14, 2009. She has had many health issues to battle in her short life and this blog is for our family and friends to stay updated on her progress. We also want to document this process for other families to view who may be going through the same experience. We thank you all for your continued love & support..♥♥

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Born on October 14, 2009

While I was pregnant with Avery she had SVT (Supra Ventricular Tachycardia). I was put on medicine (Digoxin) to keep her heart rate stable. I was monitored 3 times a week and hospitalized 3 separate times since she was diagnosed at 27 weeks gestation.

She was born on October 14, 2009 (7lbs 9oz) with no signs of SVT. She was in the NICU for her first day of life to be monitored. At 1 week old she had a Echocardiograph and EKG and was officially cleared of her heart condition.

At 2 days old, she was diagnosed with Unilateral Proptosis (bulging right eye). She had ultrasounds done on her eye and brain. No cause was determined and we were referred to specialists.
As a side note to parents: Multiple pediatricians and nurses told me that her eye looked completely fine in the hospital. I kept insisting that it looked off. Finally, one of the pediatricians agreed with me and that is how we found out about her medical issues. As a parent, I urge you all to push for your child's pediatrician to investigate further should you suspect something is wrong.

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  1. I'm glad you were able to find a pediatrician who agreed with you. How scary that it could have been so easily waved off by so many. Hopefully with such early identification they can help her even more!